ON SALE $399 R.R.P $599.00

1 YEAR FREE Sim Card, Data,
Interface and Apps.

EFG02 - Smart Intelligent Complete 4G GoGPS Tracking System

Easily track your Car, Truck, Motorcycle & much much more.

Use your smart phone, tablet or computer to check your vehicle's current location and travel history. 

At GoGPS we make it so easy to locate, check and track your vehicles.

Live Vehicle Tracking
Locate your vehicle fast
Stop unauthorized use
Lower insurance premiums
Reduce fuel costs
Lower maintenance costs
Optimize travel routes
Increase profit
Battery Back Up
Power off Alarm = Optional ( Additional Fees Apply )
Vehicle Control Relay  = Optional ( Additional Fees Apply ) 
3 minute position reporting/polling/uploading
2 year warranty
Plus much much more...

THE  DEAL: 1 x EFG02 4G GPS Tracker & 1 year sim card, data, interface & apps for $ 399.00

After 1st Free Year, sim card, data, interface & apps cost is $ 119.95 per year

Total Cost - 2 Year Contract $ 518.95 

Brisbane & S.E.Q fitment specials:
GoGPS - Shop 5, 22 Success Street, Acacia Ridge, QLD, 4110 $ 75.00 - if required.
Mobile Service - From $ 149.00 ( 30mins travel free. 75c/min return to GoGPS if required )

Other locations including Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney please call 1300 246 477

Phone 1300 2 GOGPS (1300 246 477)  or make an online enquiry.

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Cellular CoverageWeb InterfaceData TransferSmart IntelligenceEasy 2 Wire InstallAdvanced Recovery12 / 24 volt CompatibleWater Resistant1 Minute Reporting

EFG02 - The Future of GPS Tracking

Using technology advancements to reduce installation costs. The world's first waterproof GPS tracker, Mini Size, GSM Quad Band, Double CPU, GPRS Vehicle Tracker with a wide voltage input range, our most popular model. 

Advanced Technology: 

Mobile Phones and GPS Trackers are very similar and are based on almost the same technology, meaning advancements in cellular mobile phone technology has advanced cellular GPS tracker technology as well. And just like mobile phones, GPS Trackers are getting smaller and more powerful, gone is the need for external antennas in normal operating environments, gone is the need for bulky cases, complex wiring and hard to use systems. Now GPS Trackers are small and refined, making them easy to fit, user-friendly and extremely easy to hide.

Small & Extremely Powerful

Live Vehicle Tracking

Use your mobile, tablet, desktop PC or Mac to see the last location of your device in real time. 

Every minute the EFG02 GPS Tracking device sends its location, speed and direction to our servers to be recorded into the database. Simply log in and select your device, you will then see a map showing the last position of your device and by clicking on the Push Pin you will receive more in-depth information about the location.

Vehicle Tracking Recording & History

Keeping track of previous vehicle movements is essential and the Fast Find GPS system allows you to do just that, you can view device track history for certain dates and times.

Track history is saved on our server for a minimum period of 6 months. If you wish to keep you data forever, you can simply download your track history at any time.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Friendly Interfaces

One of the most used features of our GPS Tracking system is the ability to use it on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. Having access while you are out and about is very important. You can check vehicle locations and history all from your mobile device.

Optimize your time: I know a lot of people have internet enabled mobile phones, and being able to check locations and travelling routes of vehicles in downtime is very beneficial. For example you can view your drivers routes and optimize them all while you are waiting for a bus or are travelling on the train.


Information is key when it comes to optimizing your fleet. At Fast Find GPS we several standard reports like 'Event Details' a full report of all recorded details for your selected time frame. 'Stop Report' shows a vehicle stop time, location and duration for when they have stopped longer than your specified time. We also build custom reports to suit your own requirements.

Reduced Installation Costs

Unlike other systems that do not use smart technology, our EFG02 only needs to wires connected, the red wire is connected to a constant positive 12 volt power supply, the + terminal on battery for example, and the other wire is connected to the earth, ground or negative terminal of the battery.

Smart Technology

When I was young I was told to work smarter not harder and that is exactly what our FFG02 does. Using several advanced systems it monitors and checks for device movement. This advanced system monitoring allows both extremely fast device start-up and the ability for the device to go into a deep sleep reducing power consumption to an absolute minimum.


EFG02 - GPS Tracking Device

Smart Intelligence

Simple 2 Wire Installation

Product Details:

Our EFG02 is a simple 2 wire install, custom modified 3G GPS tracking unit that uses smart intelligence to detect vehicle motion in real time, allowing simple 'Connect & Track' massively reducing installation costs.

Positioning by GPS and GPRS applied universally
Quad band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
Smart Intelligence Operation
Easy 2 Wire Installation
High sensitivity and the most advanced GPS chip
Small size, easily hidden
Low power consumption
Fast signal capture
1 minute position reporting / polling / uploading
12 / 24 volt compatable
Advanced Recovery

WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP built-in GSM Module
GPS Module: SiRF Star III
GPS Channels: 20 GPS sensitivity:- 159dBm
Acquisition sensitivity:- 144dBm
GPS location precision:10 meters(2D RM)
GSM location precision:50-300 meters
Speed precision: 0.1meter/second
Locating time cost:
Hot start:<2sec(Open Sky)
Warm start: <15 sec
Cold start: <38 sec(Open Sky)
Maximum elevation: 18000 meters
Maximum speed: 515 meters/second
Gravity acceleration: <4g
Antenna: GSM quad-band antenna, GPS high gain antenna
LED indicator: Three LED indicator: GPS-blue, GSM-green, Power-red Power input:
Power supply: 12-24 volt Direct Current 
Dimensions: 87mm x 43mm x 14mm
Weight: 48g
Working temperature: -20--+70°C
Working humidity: 20% - 80% RH

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