Privacy Policy

GoGPS is committed to ensuring your personal information is protected and your privacy is respected. 

Any information you supply to Go GPS will only be used to allow us to transact with you. This information may include your name, address, contact phone numbers, email address, date of birth and credit card details. This information is used to validate your details. In General we collect this information directly from you either via phone, fax, Internet or face to face. We may obtain your information from a third party and if we do so we will endeavour to confirm this is done with your knowledge. 

The information that is collected from you is used to provide you with the services you have requested. We may also use the information supplied to collate, maintain and report from a management and accounting function. If required we will also use your information to conform to our legal obligations. 

Occasionally we may make contact with you prior to, during or after your use of our services to verify, extend, or GoGPS you of matters, which concern you or your use of our services. We may also contact you to GoGPS you of our specials, discounts, joint promotions or changes to our structure, tariffs etc. If you do not wish to receive these updates / offers please contact us via email at 

Our commitment to you is not to publish your personal information to third parties without your express permission. Your information is only disclosed so we can transact with you, maintain our legal obligations, protect our rights and interests, avoid a threat to you or us or if law requires us to.


We will store your information in a secure environment and take all reasonable steps to ensure it remains secure. Your Personal Information will only be stored for as long as it is necessary to transact with us and also to meet our legal obligations. We will endeavour to keep your information current and accurate. 

You can at anytime request a copy of all of your Private information we have retained. This private information may not be available if we are in or are about to enter into legal proceedings. 

If you require further information you can contact GoGPS or for general information see the website