Quick Start Guide for Admin Desktop Interface

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide. This guide has been design to assist you in using the PC / Desktop interface with our GPS tracking System.

First, please go to the Vehicle Map page by selecting it from the Mapping drop down menu.

Vehicle Map:

1. Current Vehicle. Click to change vehicle   

2. Last event Date and TIme. 

3. Last event displayed on map. Click  to display information window.


4. Map Controls. 

 A. Click  to display on map last device event 

 B. Click  to Automatically refresh map to Last Event every 60 seconds. 

 C. Select date range From and To with calendars then Click  to load device
     history for selected dates

 D. Click  to replay selected map data. Check  if you wish to display
      Event Data Information Window during replay.

5. Data Range Event Data. Click to Display


6. Show Google Street View

DRAG and DROP  onto map to show street. To close window click X - Top Right