GPS Tracking a Huge Return On Investment - ROI

GPS Tracking a Huge Return On Investment - ROI

Business is about the bottom line, and it is no secret that installing the right GPS tracking system in your fleet certainly allows business owners, managers and fleet controllers of both small and large fleets to increase the fleet efficiency and reduce costs both directly and in directly.

For any business a good ROI for any expenditure is welcomed, but when you can have a great ROI then that's even better. Apart from the obvious direct benefits of GPS tracking like reducing fuel consumption, increased productivity, reduced overtime costs, stopping of unauthorised use, reduced insurance costs etc, etc, etc, you can integrate GPS tracking into your businesses marketing campaigns showing customers that you are a progressive and professional company. 

Here are some simple examples that will show you that can not afford not to have a GPS trackers solution for your fleet. Each item listed below alone will cover the cost of a GPS tracking device

  • Save 1 hour of wages a month ( estimated cost $20 )
  • Charge an extra 0.25 (1/4) hours a month  (estimated hourly rate $80 )
  • Reduce calls to driver @ 2 per day ( estimated call cost $0.40c )
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 0.5 (1/2) litres a day ( estimated call cost $1.65/litre )

There is man many more savings and great benefits of GPS contact us today to arrange your GPS tracking solution.

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